Florence is out for a stroll near the lake proudly wearing her Eclipse cap that protects her from the sun. She’ll be wearing it for a long time to come too as it is adjustable.

Fillette portant les leggings évolutif Evol24 et le foulard Saint-Bernard+ de glup

A swing break for Florence. She’s wearing a pair of Evol24 evolutive leggings and a matching Saint-Bernard+.

What has captured Eva-Maria’s interest so? Her eyes are wide open thanks to the Eclipse cap that protects her from the sun.

The knee patches of the Evol24 leggings will protect the knees of our tiny caterpillar, Jade. Mommy may have a bit of laundry 😉

Jacob est super confo pour jouer à l’avion dans ses leggings évolutifs Evol24. Il les portera encore un petit bout!!!

Jacob is super comfy in his Evol24 leggings while playing airplane. They’ll fit him for a long time too!

Ready for cooler temperatures with the Trimini 3-in-1 and Mitou mitts. Florence loves how soft the mittens are and her mommy loves that the fabrics used in these accessories are made in Canada.

After the rain, some mosquitoes appear. It’s not a big deal because Florence’s mom sprayed some bug repellant on her Eclipse cap before putting it on.

With his paci in place thanks to the built-in pacifier clip of the Saint-Bernard+, Theo is ready to go exploring. He’s wearing Evol24 leggings for the occasion.

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